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Over the last 50 years, The Looking Glass of Bath has built up a
fine reputation for making bespoke mirrors.


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Bespoke mirrors made to size / Made to measure mirrors.

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About Looking Glass of Bath...

Over the last 50 years, The Looking Glass of Bath has built up a fine reputation for making bespoke mirrors (made to measure mirrors) and frames in predominantly traditional designs.

However, responding to repeated requests to make a range of more contemporary mirrors made to size, we have created a new collection of mirrors which are designed to reflect the current trend for more minimalist and industrial inspired interiors.

Looking Glass Of Bath often incorporates vintage mirror glass, which is produced by the sister company, to give an authentic vintage look and feel. 

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Bespoke Mirrors

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Window Mirror with Glazing Bars

modern bespoke mirror

Bordered Panel Mirror

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Plain Panel Mirror

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We have many styles of bespoke mirrors. All of our mirrors can be made to any size to order (made to measure).

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All of our mirrors are made local in Bath, Somerset.

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All our mirrors are made to any size, to order.

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