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The Newt in Somerset

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Recently Looking Glass of Bath, who create bespoke mirrors, have been fortunate enough to work with The Newt in Somerset on a new project. The Newt in Somerset is a country estate with magnificent woodland and gardens. The core is Georgian, with limestone buildings the colour of burnt orange, the seat of the Hobhouse family for more than two centuries.

The Newt in Somerset was looking for a mirror to a specific size, 3.2 meters by 2.5 meters to be precise! We are regularly creating bespoke mirrors in large sizes to cater to the customers that cannot find a mirror, with our level of quality, to the exact specifications that they require.

More and more individuals and organisations around the world are starting to appreciate the significant quality variation in our bespoke, locally made mirrors, compared to low-quality mirrors imported from China, India, and Indonesia. Our mirrors are handcrafted and manufactured in our home town of Bath, Somerset. We have begun placing small union jack stickers on all of our mirrors to emphasise our local bespoke mirror composition.

To conclude, working with The Newt, was a pleasure. Here at Looking Glass of Bath, we appreciate the larger projects as much as the smaller ones. We’ve been manufacturing for over  50 years, in our home town of Bath.

If you are looking for a bespoke mirror, that’s made to size, get in touch with us here or view some of our other mirrors.

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